A song for the planet

Andreas KISSER (Sepultura) + Dirk VERBEUREN (Megadeth) + John TARDY (Obituary) decided to create a song with the Savage Lands music team in order to help the Howler monkeys and the tropical forest.
Andreas Kisser 1
J.Tardy / OBITUARY + A.Kisser / SEPULTURA + Poun BBA / SAVAGELANDS + Sylvain Demercastel / SAVAGELANDS + Etienne Treton / SAVAGELANDS + Dirk Verbeuren / MEGADETH

50% of Costa Rican howler monkeys have disappeared in the last 15 years. Due to habitat loss caused by human activities.

Tropical forests are dying.

For the first time, Metal artists decided to gather and act.

This song is the first step in a series of global actions.

It is a beginning.

You can join !

You can help !

Facing the urge of disaster, Heavy Metal artists have gathered in a music project as part of the Savage Lands non profit organization.

The last howl, their first song was created to raise awareness and collect funds in order to reforest and help the monkeys survive in proximity of human settlements.

We do this for them… And for ourselves as we believe everything is connected.

The scream of the Costa Rican howler monkey is eerily similar to death metal vocals and naturaly finds its place in The Last Howl .


Produced by the Savagelands team,

Recorded between LOS ANGELES (Dirk), SAO PAOLO (Andreas), MIAMI (John), Costa Rica (Sylvain), PARIS (Poun / Etienne).

Produced by S. BURIEZ, mixed and mastered by HK at VAMACARA STUDIO by HK and S. BURIEZ.

Drums recorded by Adair Daufembach at DAUFEMBACH STUDIO, Los Angeles.

We are all very proud to start this SAVAGE LANDS MUSIC adventure.

100% of the incomes will go to reforestation and preservation operations through Savagelands non profit organization

John Tardy – Andreas Kisser – Dirk Verbeuren – Poun – Sylvain Demercastel – Etienne Treton

Opened the path to a new musical project where everyone is invited to participate and help our cause !