Sign showing the first metal forest preserved area. Andreas Kisser being displayed as a support in front of the text describing a protected area.

First land acquisition for Savage Lands

A first step

Thanx to your support and our first royalties from signing with record label Season Of Mist, we created our first sanctuary!

“We successfully saved a piece of dry tropical forest in Costa Rica from getting cut down.”

A forest saved by Metal music!

Months after releasing a single aimed at combating deforestation, we successfully saved a piece of dry tropical forest in Costa Rica from getting cut down. We paid for the land by using money generated by our debut single, “The Last Howl.”

More than 90 percent of a 60,000 square foot piece of forest located along the Costa Rican coastline was purchased by our U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit. The easement that has been bought was slated to be destroyed. Some investors had in mind a real estate development. In order to maximize our impact and reduce the cost, we made a deal with the land buyers and obtained an ecological easement over 90% of the lot. For less than 10% of the whole price paid by the buyers. This means we are co owners and the 90% of land cannot be touched nore exploited.

Symbolic and inspiring…

So we basically are in charge of this ecosystem and we already started to re-introduce diversity. We brought trees that are threatened or rare. We try to enrich the existing forest by adding more variety and food provider for local fauna.

It is a first symbolic step and we are so happy to share it with all of you who supported us! There are no small actions and be ensure we will stop at nothing. Our goal is to create Metal Forest anywhere we can. Costa Rica, France, USA…

Ecosystems are united so should we!

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