T.Shirts for the trees ?

Due to its ecological impact, buying a T-shirt should not be a trivial act. We asked ourselves the question of merchandising and decided to make it a concrete support. Savage Lands wants this to be a real participation in their actions on the ground. An act of membership, and a financial contribution to reforestation. But also a way to identify ambassadors.

For this reason, the series are limited and deliberately a little more expensive. This is about offering participation, the T-shirt becomes proof of your commitment. A sort of uniform of the “Army of Trees”.

Planting trees and creating protected areas is not a small thing. It is a symbol and it is also an approach which allows us to observe very fast results for the biodiversity.
Our idea is to become a source of inspiration for other initiatives to be carried out, by mimicry or simply stimulate the desire to be part of this movement. This is the key to enabling us to go beyond small eco-compensation gestures together. Inspire and multiply

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