First land acquisition for Savage Lands

Sign showing the first metal forest preserved area. Andreas Kisser being displayed as a support in front of the text describing a protected area.

A first step Thanx to your support and our first royalties from signing with record label Season Of Mist, we created our first sanctuary! “We successfully saved a piece of dry tropical forest in Costa Rica from getting cut down.” A forest saved by Metal music! Months after releasing a single aimed at combating deforestation, […]

The “My Forest” planting season

new trees to be planted

The “MY FOREST” concept we just launched shown very promising potential. We do believe it all can start in everyones property. Especially here in Costa Rica where the reward is almost immediate. Who doesn’t want to see monkeys and birds closer to their houses ? This is not only a good thing to do, but […]

Hellfest: the roots of Savage Lands

It’s hard not to answer “yes” to such an interesting invitation: Savage Lands had planned to return to Hellfest but thanks to the support of the Akiavel band, it was also on stage that our foundation was able to get its message across. The group has indeed offered to reduce its concert by 10 minutes […]

Lottery of the trees: the winners

It’s official, after organizing a video live draw on the internet, we were able to publish the list of winners. Thank you to everyone who participated because you allow us to continue planting trees and organizing operations in order to protect natural areas. To all of you: Thank you! So it was of course at Hellfest that […]

My Forest “round 1”

My forest reforestation plan

July 2023, rainy season has started very late but we began our first reforestation operations of the year. Our new concept : MY FOREST allows us to bring a more public and visible action, starting on every landowner’s property who registered on the program. This is a very symbolic initiative that claims to bring the […]

Hellfest Off

A year after launching Operation ARMY OF THE TREES, we returned to Hellfest. This year, a very good surprise awaited us, two days before the start of the festival. Indeed, having responded to the invitation of the group Loco Muerte who played on the Off de Clisson organized by the Leclerc store, we were able […]