Actions, not words !

Because we know may people want to take action about the environment… Because we know about all the greenwashing attempts. Because we’ve always been dedicated to lost cause (Metal was kind of a lost cause in the 90’s when we started our bands…).

We think we can act and inspire others. Bring people alongside with us in an attempt to create true nature sanctuary.

We think the best protection for wildlife and biodiversity is to give it enough untouchable spaces. But we also know we will have to go further. As it will not be possible to buy enough land to make ahuge difference, we are going to use all our energy and all the help of artists, audiences and potential partners, to help creating local “laws” that will lead to respectful behaviors.

Need an example ? ok

We could easily imagine creating a local “deal” in a small community for a start. A deal that would ask people to preserve 50% of their home lot as a forest. (Depending on the size of their lot of course). We could help private residencial owners with local reforestation organizations. Showing technical and strategic ways to maintain healthy ecosystem around humans settlements.

This would not be a negative point as having a forest nearby your house is bringing many acets. Fresh air, water penetration, birds and other lovely animals, less erosion… and the beauty of a true act towards nature preservation.

It could start there. With your help too…

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