Bring the national park to your backyard ! Because we needed to gather as many goodwill as possible. And because everything starts with an idea then some people willing to be the change… We came up with the “My Forest” concept in our focus on reforestation. Instead of waiting for other to start a preservation […]

What happened in HELLFEST 2022

The true birth of Savage Lands We knew it was gonna be special. After two years of canceled editions, it had to be something. Not only we were finaly gonna meet again for real Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth) and I, no more zoom talks ! But we also had to gather with several artists that wrote […]


Actions, not words ! Because we know may people want to take action about the environment… Because we know about all the greenwashing attempts. Because we’ve always been dedicated to lost cause (Metal was kind of a lost cause in the 90’s when we started our bands…). We think we can act and inspire others. […]

One tree to save them all !

This is the story of a dead tree who will save hundreds ! When Dirk Verbeuren from “Megadeth” and Sylvain Demercastel decided to re-unite in a reforestation and preservation project, it had to keep one foot in their metal historical roots ! The idea to use Dirk’s network to find a partner that could build […]